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OliFlix North America 100% Organic Artisan Olives & Olive Oil

OliFlix North America is now offering 100% organic artisan olives and olive oil from Spain. We are honored to present these award winning non-GMO, additive-and-preservative-free olives and olive oil to the health conscious and connoisseurs alike. In every bottle of OliFlix, you will experience the award-winning flavor and aroma from our 600 year-old olive trees in Catalonia, Spain.

Bar-None The Purest Olive Oil On The Planet

Each batch of olives is carefully selected using the same artisan and sustainable farming practices that our family has used over the last 50 years. In every bottle, you'll experience a well-balanced flavor, a smooth and delicate texture, and an exquisite taste reminiscent of old world Spain you won't find anywhere else. We invite you to join our family, friends, industry professionals, and the thousands of others who've already discovered the outstanding taste and incomparable health benefits that OliFlix North America Olives provide.

Not "Cost Effectively" Produced And Proud Of It!